Along with technical expertise on all our products, the company offers a complete logistics package on both sea and land, whether packaged or in bulk.We offer the fastest and lowest cost method of delivery of our products to any destination in the World.



Carbon Enterprises came into being in 1983, formed from the breakup of the TR International and PMC Divisions of Simon Engineering plc.

Initially the business concentrated on the packaging, processing and supply of carbon based products into the production of aluminium, ferrosilicon and silicon metal in South America, Scandinavia, the UK, and the Middle East. The supply of Delayed and Fluid petroleum coke into cement production, power generation, steel production and home heating markets in the UK and Ireland, and also anode pitch, the binder used in conjunction with calcined petroleum coke in the production of the electrodes installed in electric arc furnaces.



Over the years the company has gone through several evolutionary cycles, but it still retains some connections with its original existence in terms of both sourcing and market geography.
It also retains its absolute commitment to quality, packaging, customer service and competitive effective logistics packages.

We are suppliers of performance products.


Our chief geographical market sectors include:

Construction - Europe, the Middle East and West Africa 
Refractories – Europe
Aggregates – Middle East
Cement Production – Middle East
Industrial polishing - United Kingdom